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Free Weatherization Program

The Seattle Office of Housing and Seattle City Light help income-eligible homeowners with affordable and equitable access to heat while reducing their energy bills with a free weatherization program offered by the Seattle Office of Housing. 

Since 1980, the Seattle Office of Housing, in conjunction with Seattle City Light, has offered energy efficiency upgrades, helping thousands of neighbors decrease their energy bills and increase their comfort and safety. Office of Housing staff perform energy audits to identify efficiency opportunities, hire and manage licensed and bonded contractors, and perform final inspections to ensure quality work. Energy efficiency improvements are contingent upon an audit to determine upgrade needs. Some homeowners may not qualify if weatherization work is not needed or if other repairs are required first. If additional repairs are needed, the Office of Housing offers home repair loans and grants.

Most customers who qualify for the program receive:  

  • Free LED light bulbs 
  • Free home energy audit, insulation, air-sealing 
  • Free energy-efficient heating and cooling system for customers with outdated electric baseboards, wall heaters or an electric forced air furnace  

Seattle City Light pays for 100% of energy efficiency upgrades for homeowners eligible for this program. On average, a low-income household receiving energy efficiency improvements can save $270 on their utility bill.  

The program has different income eligibility thresholds depending on the home’s heating source (i.e. electricity, gas, or oil) and whether it is renter- or owner-occupied. In certain cases, the weatherization program’s geographic service area can extend beyond the City of Seattle boundaries. Income-eligible households with homes located within Seattle city limits can apply for assistance regardless of the way the home is heated. Income-eligible households who live outside of Seattle city limits but are both a Seattle City Light customer and have an electric-heated home can also apply for assistance.  

For more information or to get an application for the Office of Housing energy efficiency improvements, contact (206) 684-0244 and leave a message with your name, address, and phone number or email