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Celebrating the City Light Engineers Shaping the Future

It’s National Engineers Week! This year’s theme — Welcome to the Future — celebrates today’s achievements and paves the way for a brighter future in engineering. Whether developing smartphones or renewable energy solutions, engineers lead us forward. Their creativity, expertise, and dedication help address challenges, drive advancements, and positive influence our future.

There are 229 engineers at Seattle City Light trained in many disciplines. These include civil/structural, geotechnical, electrical, industrial, construction, and mechanical engineering. Our engineers work across a broad range of specialty functions to make sure our customers have access to reliable electricity.

To mark this week, we asked some of our engineers to share their journeys and what inspired their passion for engineering.

Aimee Kimball, Meter Engineer

“I had a good background in math and science, and I love problem solving. So, I decided early in high school to be an engineer. I have a role that is never the same – from updating software to reviewing submittals and working with other engineers to helping coworkers.”

Bob Fuchs, Senior Mechanical Engineer

“I have always been interested in machinery and power generation. Being able to work in hydropower has been satisfying and fulfilling. Best job I’ve ever had!”

Brett Ronneberg, Principal Electrical Power Systems Engineer

“As a kid, I loved books like ‘The Way Things Work’ and ‘Incredible Cross-Sections,’ which described the inner workings of machines. Like many others who end up in engineering, I’ve always enjoyed building, tinkering, and making things. But coming out of high school, I didn’t know that I wanted to be an engineer. In fact, I didn’t believe that I could. It’s a challenging journey that requires focus and dedication. But it starts with believing in yourself.”

Cassondra Dale, Assistant Electrical Engineer

“I was fascinated with power lines as a child (I thought a lot of the high-voltage transmission lines looked like cats) and wanted to know how they worked. That, combined with my later interests in problem solving and renewable energy, led to my career as an engineer.”

Dave Russo, Principal Power Systems Engineer

“There are engineers in my family, including my father, his father, and brothers. I got to see the work they did, and I found it interesting. I decided to follow the same path.“

Francis Sammy, Electrical Power Systems Engineer, Principal

“I was always good at math and intrigued by science. Engineering is the mashup of the two. Employment options are fairly well-compensated and growing in variety, so I knew I could find a niche to dive and nestle into. Add in some great teachers, professors, and colleagues along the way feeding my brain and instilling confidence, I have rarely faltered and have been in the power engineering world since high school, continuing to grow.”

Kincheiu Wei, Supervisor, Principal Engineer Grid Modernization

“Growing up, engineering was held in high regard in my culture, imbuing the profession with a sense of prestige. However, when I first applied to study engineering in college, I had little understanding of what the field truly entailed. As I delved deeper into my studies, I found myself captivated by the continuous learning and practical problem-solving that engineering offered.

My fascination was further cemented during my internship at City Light in the Substation Engineering Division. This invaluable experience allowed me to appreciate the significant contributions power engineers make to our society. The ongoing energy transformation we are witnessing has further solidified my decision to dedicate my career to the power industry.”

Patrick Doyle, Senior Mechanical Engineer

“I became interested in engineering while working at a steel warehouse, cutting and fabricating components for heavy industrial projects. I decided a job designing and working with steel and mechanical machines would be an interesting, challenging, and rewarding career.”

Hats off to all our engineers at the utility – today and every day!