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Spirits High as Climate Champions Gather at Climate Solutions Annual Event

Together, we're working toward our clean energy future.

Seattle City Light was a proud participant at a recent Climate Solutions event. As an organization committed to environmental stewardship, it was an honor to support an event that draws together like-minded champions fighting for our earth. The event focused on the importance of protecting landmark climate policies and moving swiftly towards a clean energy transition.

Keynote speaker, Gina McCarthy, the former White House National Climate Advisor and EPA Administrator, and Governor Jay Inslee, alongside other climate leaders, offered a wealth of insight throughout the event. They expressed how crucial the Climate Commitment Act is and noted its impact on pollution control, lung protection, job creation, and fostering clean energy efforts. They spoke about the pressing need to speed up the clean energy transition, imagining a future where clean energy outcompetes all other sources.

“We cannot let anyone distract us from the work we are doing in the transition to clean energy, because it is essential… [we must] figure out how to move clean energy forward, not in a way that is simply getting it started, but in a way that it’s outcompeting anything else—and do it in the short term, because we have no time to spare,” said McCarthy.

City Light resonates with these goals. We strive daily to make clean energy a reality for our customers. We work to ensure we are part of the solution, powering your homes with electricity generated from renewable sources.

The event was more than just speeches and discussions; it was an urgent call to action. The time to act is now. But the speakers also said that we can’t allow the fear of future challenges to paralyze us—it should inspire and empower our ongoing efforts.

As a customer of Seattle City Light, you play an integral part in these environmental stewardship efforts. Each kilowatt you use comes from a source that is striving to be even more sustainable, renewable, and cleaner for our planet. Our commitment to the environment and renewable energy is part of who we are. We’re not just providing electrical services. We’re shaping a sustainable future together with you.