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Safety Around Electrical Equipment Starts With Awareness

All of us need to recognize the hazards associated with electrical equipment to stay safe.

Turning on a light won’t make many people think about the electric power behind the illumination. That’s a natural outcome of providing reliable service.

Even so, all of us need to recognize the hazards associated with electrical equipment.

This starts in the home, where you should disconnect power before performing any work like replacing a light fixture or an outlet.

When you step outside your home, the importance is magnified by the increase in voltage on distribution lines and other utility equipment.

If “DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE” or another warning sign is posted in a location, it’s serious. All electrical equipment should not be tampered with, including your meter.


Photo of Duwamish substation.

Substations, transmission and distribution lines and other utility facilities carry high voltage electricity. Stay safe by respecting fences and warning signs.

Photo of substation

Substations have equipment that carries 125,000 volts of electricity or more. Stay clear to stay safe.

Equipment on power poles should not be tampered with either. You should never shoot or throw anything at the wires, insulators or transformers. This can cause damage to other poles, affecting your neighborhood’s power. Downed power lines can also be harmful to you and those around you.

We support curiosity. If you’re curious about your public utility, visit the website to learn more about us at Please do not take it upon yourself to go looking around and tampering with electrical equipment. It’s for your own personal safety.