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Ross barge landing back in service

The barge landing at Diablo Lake – the only way to bring in heavy gear to the Ross powerhouse – has been restored to service four months ahead of schedule.

Newhalem, Diablo residents safe – Goodell Creek fire continues to burn

Seattle City Light has evacuated the company town of Diablo and reduced staffing at Newhalem to essential workers, as a lightning-sparked forest fire continues to burn out of control in the North Cascades National Park. Fire crews are on watch to protect the Gorge Powerhouse, the closest facility to the… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle substation upgrades make West Coast grid more reliable

Seattle City Light is installing a new, 480,000 pound transformer as part of upgrades at the East Pine Substation that are designed to make the facility stronger during an earthquake and more reliable as it helps to transmit power from Canada to the West Coast of the United States.

High sanding and painting over the Cedar Falls

City Light workers, contractors and scientists are taking advantage of the dry, hot weather, to make good pace on the sandblasting and repainting of a trestle and truss bridges that carry the huge pipes connecting Masonry Dam with the historic Cedar Falls powerhouse. The project started last year and involved… [ Keep reading ]

City Light staff share knowledge with youth

City Light staff recently got to share information about climate change and career options in the hydroelectric industry, as part of an ongoing effort to encourage interest in science, the trades and environmental issues.

Cedar Falls crews reunite lost dog with her family

Roxy the Blue Heeler is one lucky dog. After running off for 12 days in the cold, wet woods of the protected Cedar River watershed, she is safely back home with her family, thanks to two alert and considerate City Light workers who rescued her from a penstock saddle near Cedar Falls.

City Light’s Carrasco to retire, Mayor Murray thanks him for service

After spending more than a decade leading Seattle City Light, Jorge Carrasco is retiring from his role as general manager and chief executive officer of Seattle City Light. “I want to thank Jorge for his years of service in Seattle and wish him the best as he writes his next… [ Keep reading ]

Crews overcome challenges to upgrade south-end electrical system

City Light crews and contractors are putting the final touches on a project that climbed hills and crossed swamps, railroads, an interstate freeway and a state highway, all to improve City Light’s distribution, transmission and communications systems in the south end of Seattle.

Cedar Falls penstocks get new coat of paint in high-wire act

You think painting your house is a challenge? Try removing lead paint from an 11-foot-wide pipe, pressurized to 128 pounds per square inch, while hanging a hundred feet over the city’s clean drinking water supply. That has been the work situation for contractors working to repaint the trestles and pipes… [ Keep reading ]

Shoreline Substation transformer ready to rock and roll

This new transformer sits on top of pendulum bearings that keep it from toppling when the ground shakes The new Transformer Bank 73 at the City Light Shoreline Substation may not look very different to you than any other heavy piece of equipment in our system – until you… [ Keep reading ]