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Expecting Osprey Parents Return

Success! The osprey pair enjoy their new deluxe accommodations, provided by Seattle City Light. Photo courtesy of Sound Transit’s Keith Sherry. In February, Seattle City Light and Sound Transit teamed up to build an osprey tower with a nesting platform, in partnership with Osprey Solutions, LLC. The platform is… [ Keep reading ]

Keeping the power on and the ospreys safe

When ospreys return to the Duwamish River this spring to take advantage of the easy fishing and tall power line towers for nesting, they will find a new set of barriers designed to protect Seattle City Light’s power lines and keep the birds safe. They will also find new nesting platforms nearby, where they can raise their chicks in peace.

Lonely Osprey Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

A single male osprey has been looking for love in the wrong place – a Seattle City Light tower along the Duwamish River.

City Light Uses Rubberized Covers on High Voltage Lines to Protect Duwamish Osprey

Osprey and electrical equipment don’t belong together, and City Light is working hard to separate the two.

Osprey Successfully Raising Chicks on Seattle City Light Nesting Platforms

Seattle City Light has been great help to the local osprey population, which has experienced a bit of a baby boom this year.

Commodore Park Osprey Family Growing

A pair of osprey that moved in to a nesting platform Seattle City Light helped install at Commodore Park is now raising a pair of young.

Clark’s Nutcrackers Make Long-haul Deliveries, Seattle City Light-funded Study Finds

Clark’s nutcrackers carry seeds from whitebark pine trees much farther than previously known, according to the newly published results of a research study funded in part by Seattle City Light.

Seattle City Light Acquires 640 Acres of Old-Growth Forest in Skagit Watersehd for Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Seattle City Light will receive 640 acres of old-growth forest in the Skagit River watershed for conservation purposes. The land, which is along Pressentin Creek, formerly was managed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

Osprey Like New Tukwila Nesting Platform

A new nesting platform Seattle City Light installed in Tukwila to encourage osprey to avoid high-voltage power lines won approval from the most important critics, the birds.

Seattle City Light Installs Osprey Platform in Tukwila

Seattle City Light installed a nesting platform for osprey in Tukwila this week to encourage a pair of the birds to avoid nesting on nearby power lines.