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Community (spot)Light: Bob Weeks

Meet Seattle City Light volunteer, Bob Weeks. Bob, along with the occasional help of family and friends, has spent the past year working tirelessly within a utility transmission corridor next to the Duwamish River.

Historic Georgetown Steam Plant Inspires Art Exhibition

Seattle City Light’s historic Georgetown Steam Plant will be part of the focus of an art exhibition from March 5 to 26 at Gallery4Culture, 101 Prefontaine Place S.

Expecting Osprey Parents Return

Success! The osprey pair enjoy their new deluxe accommodations, provided by Seattle City Light. Photo courtesy of Sound Transit’s Keith Sherry. In February, Seattle City Light and Sound Transit teamed up to build an osprey tower with a nesting platform, in partnership with Osprey Solutions, LLC. The platform is… [ Keep reading ]

Duwamish Residency Artists Showcase Works Inspired by River, Georgetown Steam Plant

Artists who visited Seattle City Light’s historic Georgetown Steam Plant as part of the Duwamish Residency will show some of the works they created at the North Seattle Community College from Oct. 1 to 25.

Lonely Osprey Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

A single male osprey has been looking for love in the wrong place – a Seattle City Light tower along the Duwamish River.

City Light Employees Pitch In At Duwamish Alive Event

Blackberry plants, clover, nightshade, morning glory and other invasive species didn’t stand a chance as 28 Seattle City Light volunteers, including employees and family members, removed the pesky plants at the Duwamish Hill Preserve during the Duwamish Alive event on April 20, as part of Earth Month.

Osprey Successfully Raising Chicks on Seattle City Light Nesting Platforms

Seattle City Light has been great help to the local osprey population, which has experienced a bit of a baby boom this year.