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Seattle City Light breaks ground on new solar microgrid at Miller Community Center

Seattle City Light began construction this week on a new solar microgrid at Miller Community Center, located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The microgrid, a demonstration project, will provide backup power storage for the community center during emergency events, such as a windstorm or unplanned power outage.

Cost-Effective Solar Power for Local Nonprofits and Affordable Housing – Green Up Community Program

Green Up Community is not accepting applications at this time. We will announce when we are accepting applications again. Seattle City Light and the Washington State Housing Finance Commission’s (WSHFC) Sustainable Energy Trust are partnering to bring cost-effective solar power to affordable housing and qualifying nonprofit facilities via the City… [ Keep reading ]

New Green Up Program Options

Green Up is a voluntary renewable energy program that allows you to support Pacific Northwest wind, solar and other renewable energy projects generating carbon-free energy. When you participate in Green Up, we purchase regional renewable energy credits (RECs) on your behalf and fund local rooftop solar projects hosted by nonprofits and public organizations like affordable housing, schools, and parks.

The Impact of the Solar Eclipse on City Light’s Energy Production

On Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, the Seattle area will experience its first solar eclipse since 1979. While the path of totality — where the moon’s shadow will completely block out the sun to viewers on Earth — runs through central Oregon, 92 percent of the sun will still be eclipsed… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light Continues to Meet I-937 Requirements

Seattle City Light continues to meet the renewable energy and energy conservation requirements of the Energy Independence Act, passed by Washington state voters in 2006 as Initiative 937.

We Power: 10 Seattle Summer Attractions

It takes great power to make the Seattle area as exciting as it is; power that’s fueled by people and technology. Unlike some electric utilities that are driven by investors, City Light is a publicly owned utility which answers to its customers. Together, we power some pretty amazing things and we… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light to Participate in Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative

Seattle City Light will participate in the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative as a public utility stakeholder in the Washington State Energy Strategies project team to support the widespread deployment of safe, reliable, and cost-effective solar energy. City Light will work with other agencies and utilities to identify solar benefits… [ Keep reading ]

UW and Seattle City Light partner on solar testbed installation

The University of Washington is installing solar panels on three residence halls in partnership with Seattle City Light’s Green Up program to support research on clean energy and smart grid technology. “This project will put our students in the middle of a quiet revolution, the digitization of energy,” said UW… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light Expected to Hit State’s Solar Incentive Cap

With the increased demand and popularity of solar generation, Seattle City Light estimates that the state annual incentive payment for solar customers will be reduced by approximately 35 percent for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, which ends today.

Seattle City Light Nears Incentive Cap as Solar Generation Increases

Rapid growth in the installation of solar energy systems is pushing Seattle City Light to the state-imposed cap for solar production incentives.