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Seattle City (spot)Light: Toni LeClare

As a hydroelectric operator, Toni LeClare is something of a rare breed; very few women have made a career out of the work she does.

Seattle City (spot)Light: Benjamin Rushwald

City Light’s Ben Rushwald talks about how his volunteerism led him to find his passion and a family to call his own.

Seattle City (spot)Light: Barb Haight and Kelly Regan

If you’ve visited the Skagit General Store in the last decade, you’ve most likely met one of two unofficial ambassadors for City Light behind the counter.

Seattle City (spot)Light: Bianca Smith

In this week’s Seattle City (spot)Light, we talk with Bianca Smith about her team’s role in pushing City Light towards innovative technology. Bianca is a project lead in City Light’s Technology Innovation group, where she works on emerging technologies to be integrated into the utility of the future. Her team… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: David Bayard

The Seattle City (spot)Light shines on David Bayard, supervisor for the Powerline Clearance group in City Light’s Transmission and Distribution.

Seattle City (spot)Light: Paul Haase

Get to know Seattle City Light’s Paul Haase.

Seattle City (spot)Light: Connie McDougall

In this week’s Seattle City (spot)Light, Connie McDougall talks about the virtues of overcoming your fears to embrace adventure.

Seattle City (spot)Light: Michelle Vargo

“Some people think others are born leaders, but it is absolutely a skill you can learn and build on. Don’t be discouraged if your first try goes horribly and say ‘I’m not cut out for this.’ You can absolutely learn it.”

Seattle City (spot)Light: Son M. Nguyen

Get to know Web Developer Son M. Nguyen in his own words.

Seattle City (spot)Light: Chris Armstrong

Seattle City (spot)Light introduces you to the people behind the scenes helping to power Seattle. This week in (spot)Light, learn about City Light’s Chris Armstrong.