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Reporting a Streetlight Problem is Easier Than Ever

Your Seattle City Light has upgraded its mobile website and app, making it easier than ever to report a problem with a streetlight.

Annual Contact Voltage Testing Complete

Seattle City Light’s annual testing for contact voltage on streetlights and other equipment found only two instances where utility facilities were energized with at least 30 volts of electricity, Superintendent Jorge Carrasco announced today.

City Light’s Popular Streetlight Tracker Back in Action

Seattle City Light has completed a software upgrade on its popular streetlight tracker and customers can once again report streetlight outages and track the progress of repairs online.

City Light Follow-up On Streetlight Testing

Superintendent Jorge Carrasco announced today that City Light will conduct annual testing of all metal streetlight poles and equipment.

City Light Repairs Streetlight Found With Voltage

Seattle City Light repaired a streetlight today after a customer reported that his dog was shocked when it sniffed a small, metal plate at the base of a concrete streetlight pole on 32nd Avenue S between Atlantic and Massachusetts streets. The dog was not injured.

City Light Finds No Additional Problems Among Recently Replaced Streetlights

Seattle City Light found no additional incidents of contact voltage among the 60 streetlights that were damaged and repaired after the utility’s comprehensive testing in December.

Metal Streetlight Pole Found to Have Voltage

A metal streetlight pole that was replaced in January of this year was found to have voltage late last week.

City Light Changing Streetlight Inspection, Maintenance

Superintendent Jorge Carrasco announced several changes today for Seattle City Light’s streetlight inspections and maintenance that are designed to enhance safety.

Seattle City Light Completes Streetlight Inspections

Seattle City Light contractors have completed safety testing on more than 37,000 metal streetlight poles and associated pieces of equipment.

Streetlight Inspections Update Jan. 14

Seattle City Light contractors identified six instances of contact voltage of at least 30 volts related to streetlights and associated equipment in its latest round of safety testing Thursday night. City Light crews immediately cut off power and started repairs. No people or pets were injured in any of the incidents.