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Y2K 20 Years Later: An oral history of the final moments of the 20th century at Seattle City Light

It’s hard to believe that this time 20 years ago, the world was preparing for the new millennium. From the infamous “Y2K Bug” to stocking up on canned goods, the months leading up to Y2K was a time of bracing for the unknown. For Seattle City Light, preparing for Y2K… [ Keep reading ]

Enhanced Cellular/Data Upgrades Planned in Fall 2018

Seattle City Light is supporting enhanced cellular and data services in various Seattle neighborhoods by attaching low-power omni-directional antennas and equipment cabinets to existing utility poles within the public right-of-way.

Electronic Equipment Upgrades Planned in Queen Anne / Westlake

Starting in early April 2018, Seattle City Light will be supporting enhanced cellular and data services in the Queen Anne and Westlake areas by attaching two low-power antennas and an equipment cabinet to several utility poles along the public right-of-way.

Crews Restore Power After Outage Affects About 12,900 Homes, Businesses

Crews worked through the night to restore power to approximately 12,900 customers. While crews worked to restore power to an earlier outage, four circuit breakers relayed offline causing a cascading effect and a small substation fire. The sequence of events led to a larger outage. Affected areas in parts of… [ Keep reading ]

Power Outage Affecting 12,900 Customers in Parts of Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne

 Seattle City Light  crews are working to restore power to about 12,900 customers in parts of Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne.

Advanced Metering Utility Pole Upgrades Continue in March 2017

In March 2017, Seattle City Light will continue supporting Advanced Metering services throughout the utility’s service territory by replacing existing utility poles with taller poles, which will host wireless utility data collection equipment. The new poles will be 70 feet tall, which is about 20 feet taller than the existing poles.

Electronic Equipment Upgrades Planned for Utility Poles in Queen Anne

Seattle City Light will be supporting enhanced cellular and data services in the Queen Anne area by upgrading electronic equipment to two utility poles throughout the public right-of-way of the neighborhood.

Power Restored in Ballard, Queen Anne, Magnolia

An underground cable failure was the cause of a power outage Monday that affected about 9,700 homes and businesses in parts of Ballard, Queen Anne, and Magnolia.

Mercer Corridor Project Fieldwork Continues This Wednesday, August 14

Beginning this Wednesday, August 14th through Friday, August 16th, 3rd Ave. N between Roy and Mercer streets will be closed during the day while City Light crews complete saw cutting, duct bank and conduit installation across the roadway.

Power Partially Restored to North Queen Anne

Crews have restored power to all but 120 customers affected by an outage earlier this afternoon. The 1:33 p.m, outage was caused by a tree touching power lines. It originally cut power to about 4,000 customers. For precise outage boundaries, visit our outage map at Seattle City Light is… [ Keep reading ]