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Copper Thieves Disrupt Electric Service, Risk Lives

When thieves break into electric utility facilities to steal copper, they not only risk their lives, but they disrupt power for customers and drive up operating costs that can lead to higher prices.

Public Safety the Focus of Annual Streetlight Testing

Seattle City Light’s annual safety testing of streetlights and nearby conductive surfaces found 13 instances where equipment carried at least 30 volts of electricity. Five of those pieces of equipment belonged to City Light. The other eight included illuminated signs, red light cameras and spot lights.

Storm Season Starts Early – City Light Wants You to be Safe and Prepared

Last night, Mother Nature ushered in a September storm to remember; knocking out power to more than 21,000 City Light customers. Crews worked through the night and morning to restore power to various neighborhoods in Seattle and other outlying areas in its service territory.

Safety Tips for Outdoor Home Projects This Fall

Seattle City Light offers safety tips for your fall projects.

Safety Around Electrical Equipment Starts With Awareness

All of us need to recognize the hazards associated with electrical equipment to stay safe.

Safety First When Using Portable Generators

Portable generators have become a popular option for some people who need or want the extra assurance of having power even during an outage. If you have a generator, or are considering buying one, know the dos and don’ts of using it before you need it.

Shocked Tree Climber Should Remind Us All: Be Safe Around Power Lines

Climbing a tree is an age-old summer activity, but it’s critically important to make sure the trees you or your children climb are clear of power lines.

Balloons, Kites Make Summer Fun, but Avoid Conflicts With Power Lines

In their normal operation, power lines safely deliver electricity to light our homes and run all our gadgets. But they don’t mix well with otherwise fun summer activities, such as flying a kite, party balloons, model airplanes, ladders or pruning tools.

Safety Tip From the Field

City Light Electrician Constructor Wanda Davis offers a simple safety tip for any outdoor work you might do this summer: Look up for power lines.

Streetlighting Upgrades, Maintenance, Use Are All About Safety

Making sure the 84,000 streetlights in Seattle City Light’s service territory stay on and operate safely is the job of about 200 men and women on Seattle City Light’s electrical and distribution crews.