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City Light Completes Streetlight Conversions at Seattle Center

Seattle City Light has completed the conversion of streetlights along the perimeter of Seattle Center to LEDs and its former 480-volt power supply to a 120-volt system.

Small WA Cities Get Big Help from State to Convert Streetlights to LEDs

Small cities in Washington are getting big help from the state to convert their streetlights from high-pressure sodium lamps to LEDs.

Seattle City Light Works in Holly Park to Enhance Streetlight Reliability and Safety

Residents and businesses should prepare for construction to resume in the Holly Park neighborhood in mid-May to update the streetlight electrical grounding system.

Seattle City Light Begins Work to Enhance Streetlight Reliability in Holly Park

Seattle City Light will begin upgrading the streetlight electrical grounding system in the Holly Park neighborhood Oct. 6.

City Light Installs LED Arterial Streetlights in Shoreline, Continues Progress Throughout Service Area

Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists in Shoreline have safer roads at night, now that Seattle City Light has completed the conversion of streetlights on arterial roads to energy efficient LED technology.

Public Safety the Focus of Annual Streetlight Testing

Seattle City Light’s annual safety testing of streetlights and nearby conductive surfaces found 13 instances where equipment carried at least 30 volts of electricity. Five of those pieces of equipment belonged to City Light. The other eight included illuminated signs, red light cameras and spot lights.

West Seattle Bridge Gets New LED Streetlights

The drive to West Seattle looks a little brighter this winter now that City Light has completed the upgrade of the streetlights on the high bridge from high pressure sodium luminaries to energy-efficient LED fixtures.

Seattle City Light Completes Residential Streetlight Change to LEDs

Seattle City Light has completed its conversion of more than 40,000 residential streetlights to energy efficient LED technology ahead of schedule, General Manager and CEO Jorge Carrasco announced today.

Streetlight Inspections Update Jan. 10

Seattle City Light conducted extensive testing on metal streetlights and associated facilities during the weekend and identified 16 more locations with contact voltage of at least 30 volts. In each case, City Light crews immediately cut off power and started repairs. No people or pets were injured in any of the incidents.

City Light Finds Three Additional Streetlight Locations With Voltage

Seattle City Light’s inspections of metal streetlight poles have found three more instances of contact voltage.