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System Reliability Work on Spokane Street Viaduct to Start on July 14

Starting on Friday, July 14, Seattle City Light crews plan to improve electrical system reliability by pulling new wire over the top of the West Seattle Bridge near 2nd Avenue South.

Seattle City Light Completes Streetlight Repairs in First Hill

This past May, Seattle City Light worked to improve pedestrian safety in the First Hill neighborhood by temporarily repairing 18 failed streetlights along Madison Street.

City of Seattle to Host Community Open House in South Lake Union

South Lake Union residents, employees and businesses are invited to a community open house and informational meeting from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 25 at the South Lake Union Discovery Center, 101 Westlake Avenue North. This event is hosted by the South Lake Union Community Council and the City of Seattle.

Infrastructure Upgrade for Pioneer Passage

City Light crews completed excavation and conduit installation work in Pioneer Passage, an alley in Pioneer Square.

Pioneer Square’s Infrastructure and Paving Upgrade Continues in Pioneer Passage

Seattle City Light plans to replace aging underground conduit along Pioneer Passage as part of the larger infrastructure and paving upgrades taking place in Pioneer Square. The work will increase electrical reliability and capacity in the area. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and the Alliance for Pioneer Square are coordinating the project with City Light.

Infrastructure and Paving Upgrade Planned for Pioneer Passage in Pioneer Square

Seattle City Light plans to increase reliability by replacing aging underground conduit (duct bank) and electrical cable along the Pioneer Passage alley. The alley is located east of 1st Avenue South between South Washington Street and Yesler Way. The project is being coordinated with the Alliance for Pioneer Square and the… [ Keep reading ]

Infrastructure and Paving Upgrade Planned for Nord Alley in Pioneer Square

Seattle City Light is planning work with other entities to upgrade infrastructure in Nord Alley (Pioneer Square). When construction is complete, Seattle Department of Transportation plans to repave the alley with Pioneer Square Preservation Board-approved brick.

Seattle City Light Completes East Boston Terrace Project Construction

Seattle City Light recently completed civil construction work for the East Boston Terrace Project located in North Capitol Hill. The construction and related upgrades have increased electrical service reliability and will reduce the number of future unplanned outages for customers in the area.

West Seattle Bridge Gets New LED Streetlights

The drive to West Seattle looks a little brighter this winter now that City Light has completed the upgrade of the streetlights on the high bridge from high pressure sodium luminaries to energy-efficient LED fixtures.

Central Waterfront Transmission Line Relocation Project Work Continues Inside Seattle Tunnel Partners Fenced-Off Area

Early work in support of moving Seattle City Light transmission lines as part of the eventual replacement of the Alaskan Way Viaduct will continue over the next several weekends.