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Seattle City (spot)Light Dave Russo, Principal Power Systems Engineer

The Basics Years of service: 41. I was a naval officer before joining the utility. Division: Engineering & Technology Operations Tell us about your role: I supervise – meaning that I try to keep up with – the North Systems Design Group. The group designs distribution system improvements and repairs, large services (commercial or industrial), and pole replacements. This includes underground rebuilds; conversions; reconductor… [ Keep reading ]

(spot)Light: Aaron Jackson, Electrician Constructor

The Basics Years of service: Five Division: Transmission & Distribution Operations Tell us about your role: I work on Core 4 at the South Stations. We upgrade and maintain all the transmission and distribution equipment in substations, everything from wiring control equipment to changing out transformers. Background Hometown: Glenwood Springs, Colo. Tell us about your family: I moved here… [ Keep reading ]

(spot)Light: Brandy Balansay, GIS Specialist

The Basics Years of service: 2½ years Division: Environmental Management & Real Estate Tell us about your role: As part of the Real Estate Services team, I wear many hats, but my primary role is to manage and maintain our application, database, and real estate-related needs, like our geographic information system (GIS). I also navigate current team processes and brainstorm… [ Keep reading ]

(spot)Light: Aaron McCartney, Accounting Technician

The Basics  Years of service: 14+ years Division: Customer Operations Role: I lead the Refund and Transfer desk for the utility’s Account Control team. It’s pretty humdrum, but it gets busy at the end of July because that’s when we process the annual utility credit reimbursements. We’ll send refund checks to approximately 16,000 customers enrolled in the Utility Discount Program (UDP) this year. The refunds help many low-income customers,… [ Keep reading ]

Boundary Dam achieves significant milestone in Unit 51 overhaul with new rotor installation

At Boundary Dam, all eyes have been on Unit 51, one of six generators at the hydroelectric plant that together provide 28.6% of City Light’s power generation portfolio. Unit 51 is being refreshed and upgraded to provide carbon-free, reliable power for the next 40-plus years. Last week, the Boundary project team reached a… [ Keep reading ]

City Light Tradeswomen Shine at Annual Awards Ceremony

Congratulations are in order for Transmission Right-of-Way Crew Chief Margaret (Peggy) Owens and Lineworker Apprentice Erika Belsby who were recognized by Washington Women in Trades (WWIT) with top awards for their commitment and contributions to the skilled trades. Peggy was named Tradeswoman of the Year, and Erika is the recipient… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Michael Jang

Michael Jang has been with City Light since 1996. “I completed City Light’s lineworker apprenticeship program and, after two years as a lineworker, I transitioned to the System Operations Center,” Michael explained. “I became a power dispatcher and then a senior power dispatcher before taking on the chief dispatcher duties… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Ned Lichty

Ned Lichty has been at City Light for three years. He’s part of the Contracts and Procurement team as a Sr. Contracts and Procurement Specialist. “My job is to procure products and professional consulting services for the divisions and project managers I support,” Ned explained. “I provide guidance and training… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Ed Hill

Ed Hill has worked at City Light for 25 years. He began his utility career as an apprentice cable splicer in 1993. Currently, he serves as the Electrical Construction & Maintenance Supervisor in Transmission & Distribution Operations. “My job involves supervising the day-to-day operations of the line crews at the… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Ryan Simmons

Ryan Simmons joined City Light in 2015 as the fisheries field coordinator for the Boundary Licensing Team and is now a project manager, overseeing several fisheries projects. “My projects are designed to improve conditions for trout and mountain whitefish populations native to the lower Pend Oreille River,” Ryan explained. “We… [ Keep reading ]