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Relicensing Work Begins on South Fork Tolt Hydroelectric Project  

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license for the City’s South Fork Tolt Hydroelectric Project is up for renewal, and Seattle City Light is partnering with Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) in this multi-year relicensing project. The hydroelectric facility was built in 1995 to generate power from the South Fork Tolt… [ Keep reading ]

Outage Tips and Resources to Help You Weather Fall Winds and Rain

November winds and rain have officially arrived and along with them so has the risk of power outages. Seattle City Light is prepared to answer the call when power outages occur by keeping crews and equipment at the ready, but there are some things that you can do at home… [ Keep reading ]

Skagit River Hydroelectric Project: Fall 2023 Relicensing Update

Each autumn, many news outlets are keen to cover the annual salmon migration and spawning. This also sparks interest in the region’s numerous hydroelectric dams and what is being done to help protect and preserve fish populations. We have received several inquiries about the relicensing process for the Skagit Hydroelectric… [ Keep reading ]

Sound Generations Plans to Shrink Carbon Footprint With a New Fleet of Electric Vehicles

Sound Generations, a local Seattle non-profit, is planning to go electric in its community outreach. After working with Seattle City Light to conduct a comprehensive assessment of its fleet, Sound Generations is on its way to decrease operational expenses and shrink its carbon footprint. The Road to Electrification Sound Generations… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Jamie Oakes, Internal Communications Advisor

The Basics How long have you been at City Light? Six months. Division: Communications. Tell us about your role: As an internal communications advisor, I like to think of myself as a reporter for the utility. My role is to keep City Light’s workforce engaged and informed by writing and publishing… [ Keep reading ]

Weather challenges, demand increases, and rising costs result in changes to customer electricity rates

Seattle City Light will implement new rates effective Jan. 1, 2024. In addition to the planned 4.5% base rate increase adopted by City Council last fall, we will apply two automatic surcharges: The anticipated bill increase for a typical residential customer will be about $9 per month, or $18 per… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Devon Crouch, Strategic Communications Advisor

The Basics How long have you been at City Light? I began at City Light in December 2022. Division: Communications Tell us about your role: I am the communications lead on several cross-matrixed projects across the utility including initiatives such as the Time of Use rate, Service to Bill, and the… [ Keep reading ]

Why a heat pump water heater works for your home

Many homes rely on traditional gas or electric powered water heaters for bathing, laundry, and dishwashing. Hot water is something that we can often take for granted until one morning we wake up to a tepid shower and realize that our trusty old water heater has finally let us down…. [ Keep reading ]

Public Power Succeeds When We Work Together

Seattle City Light, along with more than 2,000 other community-owned electric utilities nationwide, is celebrating Public Power Week. Each year, the first full week in October is set aside to recognize the many contributions made by public power utilities to provide affordable, reliable, and safe power year-round to the communities… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Amy Jetson, Senior Public Relations Specialist – Web Lead

The Basics How long have you been at City Light? Just about one year. Division: Communications Tell us about your role: I oversee City Light’s external web presence and manage the content on Background Hometown: From Redmond, Wash., and now live in Everett Alma Mater: Washington State University Discipline/Trade of study: My… [ Keep reading ]