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Seattle City (spot)Light: Amy Sen, Industrial Hygiene Strategic Advisor II

The Basics How long have you been at City Light? I started in October 2022. I’m two months shy of my one-year anniversary. Division: Safety, Health and Wellness Tell us about your role. As an industrial hygiene strategic advisor, I wear many different hats at the utility. I supervise two talented… [ Keep reading ]

Sourdough Fire Updates

UPDATE August 30: State Route 20 reopens. State Route 20 reopened between milepost 120 and milepost 171 this morning around 9:00 a.m. Travelers should plan for delays and unexpected closures. Real time data can be found here: The Sourdough fire is currently listed as 6,221 acres and 30% contained…. [ Keep reading ]

Solar Power Is Viable in the PNW

The Pacific Northwest isn’t the first place you think of when solar energy for the home comes to mind. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that Seattle averages 164 sunny or partly sunny days per year. We see more hours of daylight on those days, increasing the potential for… [ Keep reading ]

Updated: Sourdough Fire Likely to Burn for Many More Weeks

UPDATED: State Route 20 North Cascades Highway is open between Newhalem (milepost 120) and Silver Star campground (milepost 171). From 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., a pilot car will escort travelers along a 4-mile stretch of highway from Rainy Pass (milepost 158) to the Blue Lake trailhead parking lot (milepost… [ Keep reading ]

Hydropower Is Key

Seattle City Light’s owned and operated hydroelectric facilities typically supply more than half of our customers’ power needs, and more than 80% of the electricity we deliver to our customers comes from hydroelectricity. But hydropower is more than just renewable electricity. This week, we are observing National Hydropower Day by sharing… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Tamara Jenkins, Project Delivery Director

The Basics How long have you been at City Light? 12 and a half years. Division: Project Delivery Tell us about your role. I oversee successful project delivery with a focus on safety, public service, and relationship building. It is my honor to lead a talented and skilled team that is responsible for delivering projects…. [ Keep reading ]

What Do I Need to Know Before Shopping for an EV?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have rapidly improved in availability, charging speed, and cost. As more measures aimed at increasing the number of EVs on the road come into effect, EVs are now an attractive and competitive option for most new and used car buyers. However, many of us still have a… [ Keep reading ]

City Light Joins MTRWestern, Amtrak and WSDOT to Unveil First-Ever Electric Bus in the Amtrak National Network

Yesterday, Seattle City Light joined partners from across the state to unveil the first-ever electric bus in the Amtrak National Network as it prepared to embark on its inaugural journey. Operated by Amtrak’s regional partner MTRWestern, the bus will provide a round-trip, midday service for travelers heading from King Street… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light’s Wildfire Risk Reduction Strategy

The warmer and drier conditions driven by our changing climate are increasing the frequency and intensity of wildfires. Even the traditionally wet forests of the Pacific Northwest are now at greater risk than in the past, as are the buildings and infrastructure interlaced within the forests. Seattle City Light has… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Joe Chiappa, Organizational Change Manager

The Basics How long have you been at City Light? Nine months! Division: Office of General Manager Tell us about your role. I am the new organizational change manager on the Enterprise Change & Business Process Team. I have the opportunity to work with groups across the utility on different projects… [ Keep reading ]