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Seattle City (spot)Light: Kevin Lidtka

Kevin Lidtka is a Laser Scanning Technician at City Light, a title that might make it sound like he works on office equipment. That perception couldn’t be further from the truth.

City Light, Department of Fish and Wildlife Stock Lakes in NE Washington

Anglers in Pend Oreille and Stevens counties will have more opportunities to catch fish this spring thanks to the combined efforts of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Seattle City Light.

Boundary Cliff Inspection Tests Skills

This Aug. 7, City Light inspected the rock face above the Boundary project’s transformer bays, to ensure that rocks and vegetation pose no major risks to the 240 kilovolt lines that extend from the transformers to the Boundary switchyard.

Boundary Dam’s Unit 53 Generator is Back Online

Boundary Dam’s electrical generating unit 53 is back up and running for the peak generation season on the Pend Oreille River. The generator was repaired in half the time it typically takes for this type of project and $1 million under budget.

River Conditions Improve, Lift City Light’s Financial Forecasts

Improved water conditions in the rivers that power Seattle city Light’s hydroelectric dams are brightening the utility’s financial forecasts and helping to hold down costs for customers.

City Light Finalizes RSJI Work Plan for 2014

City Light has finalized its Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) work plan for 2014. As part of its RSJI plan for the year, Seattle City Light will focus on the equity areas of education, equitable development, housing, jobs/economic justice, the environment, and service equity. The work plan is part… [ Keep reading ]

Regulators confirm new 42-year license for City Light’s Boundary Dam

Seattle City Light has overcome the last hurdle to achieve a new license for its Boundary Hydroelectric Project, which is located on the Pend Oreille River near Metaline Falls. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) deadline for appeals of the Boundary license order expired Aug. 19. FERC issued a new 42-year license order for Boundary Dam on March 20, 2013, consistent with a settlement agreement that City Light filed with FERC in 2010. With no appeals filed, this ends the FERC relicensing process for Boundary Dam.

City Light Supports Tri-Town Poker Paddle In Pend Oreille County

Seattle City Light is proud to be one of the sponsors for the Tri-Town Poker Paddle, held in Pend Orielle County where the utility operates Boundary Dam. This is one of the many ways that City Light supports the community where the utility generates more than 30 percent of electricity for customers in the greater Seattle area. The Tri-Town Poker Paddle is a two-day outdoor event where paddlers travel down the Pend Orielle River, collecting poker hands at various locations throughout the route. Participants with the best poker hands are awarded. More than 60 people participated in last year’s event. This year’s event will be held on July 20 – 21, 2013. More information can be found on the Tri-Town Poker Paddle Facebook page. Good luck to all of the participants!

Seattle City Light’s Boundary Dam Rescue Squad Helps Stranded Boaters

Seattle City Light’s Boundary Dam Rescue Squad got to test their skills in real life on Sunday, May 26, when they came to the aid of a group of boaters whose canoe capsized in the swollen Pend Oreille River.

Second Turbine Runner Headed for Boundary Dam

A second hydroelectric turbine runner is on its way to Seattle City Light’s Boundary Dam in Pend Oreille County as part of a generator overhaul project that will increase Boundary’s generating capacity by 30 megawatts and reduce the dam’s impact on fish in the Pend Oreille River.