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Seattle City Light Completes Construction on 13th Avenue South

Seattle City Light crews have completed the final stages of construction on 13th Avenue South. Crews replaced aging electrical infrastructure and upgraded an existing electrical system that will reduce unplanned power outages and increase electrical reliability for the surrounding area.

Seattle City (spot)Light: Tara Benjamin

Tara Benjamin has been with Seattle City Light for a little over three years. She started as a TES Camp Service Aide and quickly became fulltime. Tara recently celebrated a promotion to Administrative Specialist II at Skagit. “I have the pleasure of interacting with everyone that comes into the main… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Armand Shahbazian

Armand Shahbazian joined Seattle City Light in 2015 as an intern in Network Services Engineering. He continued his work in Street Light Engineering and was later hired on the Distribution Services Engineering team. He recently accepted a new position back in Streetlight Engineering! “I’ll be working on new capital improvement… [ Keep reading ]

Haunted Concrete: Exploring the Community’s Creepy Past

Near City Light’s Skagit Hydroelectric Project stands Concrete, Wash., population: 729. Its earliest settlers can be traced back to the 1890s, and through an influx of industries (including, of course, a cement production), Concrete was set to be the metropolis of Skagit County. Over time, jobs came and went; the lumber industry tapered off, mining dissolved and the cement plant closed. But the one thing that never left were the people – dead or alive.

Powering the Battery Street Tunnel Meters

It’s hard to forget driving past the view of Puget Sound on the viaduct and coasting through the Battery Street Tunnel on our daily commutes, trips to Green Lake, or any of the many destinations in and out of the city. What you may not have seen were the nine meters that lined the Battery Street Tunnel and more so, the meter readers that were tasked with checking those meters in the narrow tunnel.

Seattle City (spot)Light: Nathan MacDonald

Nathan MacDonald has worked at City Light for two years. He’s a part of the Communications division where he works as a Senior Public Relations Specialist. “A lot of my job is positioning the utility as a thought leader within our industry and as a subject matter expert for local media along with other publications,” Nathan explained. “I’m also the editor of our Light Reading newsletter and manage the social media account for Skagit Tours.”

Electrical Reliability Upgrades Planned in South Lake Union

Seattle City Light crews plan to increase the electrical reliability of the South Lake Union neighborhood by installing an underground electrical vault near the intersection of Republican Street and Fairview Avenue North. This new infrastructure will provide the additional capacity needed for electrical lines coming from the Denny Substation.

Seattle City Light & Occidental Avenue Alley: A Milestone

Seattle City Light has made great strides in upgrading the electrical reliability of Pioneer Square and improving the looks of Occidental Avenue Alley. City Light crews excavated and replaced aging underground duct banks in the alley just east of Occidental Park earlier this year. In June, a contractor helped the project reach a milestone by restoring the alley with Pioneer Square Preservation Board-approved brick. When complete, the project will not only help increase the reliability and capacity of Pioneer Square; but also, the downtown electrical system.