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Light Reading: Mar./Apr. 2020

Translations中文翻译 | Tiếng Việt | Español | Tagalog | 한국어 번역 | Af Soomali Please help us spread the word about scammers! During the past few months, City Light has received multiple reports of scammers attempting to demand financial and personal information in addition to payment with a pre-paid credit card,… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Light Announces Recipients of 2020 Wildlife Research Program Grants

Since 1999, Seattle City Light’s Wildlife Research Grant Program (WRP) has funded 58 projects and distributed over $2.1 million in research grants to non-profit conservation organizations, universities and resource management agencies to study the wildlife and ecosystems of the North Cascades ecoregion. The City Light WRP, a mitigation requirement of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project Federal Energy Regulatory… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Donna Sherrill

Donna Sherrill celebrated 38 years at City Light last month. As part of the Financial Services business unit, Donna works on the general accounting team. “I’m responsible for ensuring that billings for construction projects are generated promptly by the Accounts Receivable Billing team,” Donna explained. “I like to think of… [ Keep reading ]

City Light’s Climate Action

This is a guest post authored by Climate Change Research and Adaptation Advisor Ronda Strauch In a time where ‘new normal’ has become a common phrase and experience, we have demonstrated our capacity to adapt and revealed our resilience. We have both implemented and made new plans to adjust to… [ Keep reading ]

Serving Our Customers Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

The City of Seattle continues to follow guidance from our public health authorities including Public Health – Seattle and King County Washington State Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding COVID-19. At Seattle City Light we are continuing to provide essential services to our… [ Keep reading ]

How City Light Can Assist with Your Bill During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The lasting impacts of COVID-19 are becoming more apparent every day. As our region grapples with this changing environment, we are seeing the financial toll of the virus taking shape, leaving some of our customers in challenging financial straits. We want you to know that City Light and Seattle Public… [ Keep reading ]

Climate Connections

The rise of ‘Climate Change Crisis’ This is a guest post authored by Climate Change Research and Adaptation Advisor Ronda Strauch as part of a quarterly series called Climate Connections. The Oxford Dictionary announced on November 20, 2019, that “climate emergency” is the 2019 term of the year. “Climate Emergency:… [ Keep reading ]

Planned Vegetation Management Work Scheduled for Queen Anne and Magnolia

In the coming weeks, City Light will begin trimming trees and vegetation in the Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhoods. This type of maintenance of trees and plants growing near power lines and other utility equipment is critical in mitigating safety hazards and costly outages. Every day, our Power Line Clearance… [ Keep reading ]

Uncovering History: The Life of a Seattle City Light Archaeologist

Seattle City Light’s more than 1,800 employees hold a bevy of positions from engineer, to lineworker, to fish biologist to fudge master (although that last one is more of a moniker). Here’s another enviable position to add to the list: archaeologist. Since assuming her role in 2016, Senior Archaeologist Andrea… [ Keep reading ]

Light Reading: Jan./Feb. 2020

Translations (Available Soon)中文翻译 | Tiếng Việt | Español | Tagalog | 한국어 번역 | Af Soomali Storm Season Crossword Try our seventh annual Seattle City Light Crossword puzzle and be entered to win one of five emergency preparedness kits. For rules and eligibility, visit The contest ends March 20, 2020…. [ Keep reading ]