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November 2014
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Power from the Sun and Support for Affordable Housing

Seattle City Light’s latest Community Solar project can provide you with energy from the Sun today and it will help power affordable housing in the future. [More]

Denny Substation Project Earns Praise from American Institute of Architects

The proposed design for Seattle City Light's Denny Substation won an honorable mention from the American Institute of Architects - Seattle, during their awards ceremony at Benaroya Hall on Nov. 3. [More]

Shoreline Substation transformer ready to rock and roll

This new transformer sits on top of pendulum bearings that keep it from toppling when the ground shakes  The new Transformer Bank 73 at the City Light Shoreline Substation may not look very different to you than any other heavy piece of equipment in our system – until you look under it. [More]

Utility Discount Program Reaches Annual Goal of 2,500 New Participants

With more than 2,500 Utility Discount Program sign-ups this year, we've met our annual goal for enrollment. But Seattle City Light's mission is to provide the best customer experience of any utility in the nation, so we aren't satisfied with simply meeting the goal. We're still headed out into the community with sign-up events at community service centers, food banks, multifamily communities, and more. [More]

Seattle City Light Funds Study of the American Pika in North Cascades

A research project funded by Seattle City Light is working to answer the question: “How is climate change affecting high elevation mammal populations such as pika?” [More]

Historic steam plant gets 21st century light switches

Turning on a light in our homes and offices is easy. We flip a switch, turn a dial, or push a tab without giving it as much as a second thought. At the historic Georgetown Steam Plant, located at the eastern edge of Georgetown, it used to be a little more complicated. [More]

City Light Transfers Shoreline’s First Public Solar Project to Meridian Park Elementary

Seattle City Light transferred ownership of a solar array at Meridian Park Elementary to the school at a ceremony on Oct. 24. [More]

Seattle City Light Sells $265M in Bonds, Customers Benefit

Seattle City Light successfully sold $265 million of bonds on Wed., Oct 22, 2014. A portion of the proceeds will be used to refinance existing bonds at a lower interest rate, saving $7.2 million annually for City Light customers. [More]

Seattle City Light and Other Washington Companies Call for Action on Climate Change

 Success in business means staying ahead of the game. That’s why today City Light proudly stood with over 80 Washington businesses in declaring war on climate change. The facts are simple: we're behind on tackling climate change and Washington is already facing real economic impacts. With concerted action on climate, we have [More]

Crews restore power to most windstorm outage customers

Crews working through Saturday night and Sunday have restored power to all but 803 customers who lost power during the Oct. 25-26 windstorm. The customers who remain without power are likely connected to smaller side lines. These lines involve fewer buildings and are often the hardest to repair. We estimate that crews [More]