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Seattle City (spot)Light: Kelly Haren

Kelly Haren has been a dedicated member of the City Light team for 20 years. “I’m the Generation Supervisor at Cedar Falls and Tolt hydro projects where I support the crew and operations at both sites,” Kelly shared. “My responsibilities include coordinating projects with utility divisions, facilitating training and safety… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Donna Sherrill

Donna Sherrill celebrated 38 years at City Light last month. As part of the Financial Services business unit, Donna works on the general accounting team. “I’m responsible for ensuring that billings for construction projects are generated promptly by the Accounts Receivable Billing team,” Donna explained. “I like to think of… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Judy Blinder

Judy Blinder has been a dedicated Seattle City Light employee since 1993. “My whole time here, I have worked in the Finance Division,” Judy explained. “When I started, we were three organizational units: Budget, Rates, and Financial Requirements and Economic Analysis (FREA). Eventually, Rates and FREA were merged together to… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Nate Burns

Nate Burns has been with City Light for two years as of last July. He is a part of the Finance unit where he runs the business case program. “Projects that cost more than a million dollars have an extensive approval process, including oversight by City Council,” Nate explained. “Project… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Michael Jang

Michael Jang has been with City Light since 1996. “I completed City Light’s lineworker apprenticeship program and, after two years as a lineworker, I transitioned to the System Operations Center,” Michael explained. “I became a power dispatcher and then a senior power dispatcher before taking on the chief dispatcher duties… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Ned Lichty

Ned Lichty has been at City Light for three years. He’s part of the Contracts and Procurement team as a Sr. Contracts and Procurement Specialist. “My job is to procure products and professional consulting services for the divisions and project managers I support,” Ned explained. “I provide guidance and training… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Ed Hill

Ed Hill has worked at City Light for 25 years. He began his utility career as an apprentice cable splicer in 1993. Currently, he serves as the Electrical Construction & Maintenance Supervisor in Transmission & Distribution Operations. “My job involves supervising the day-to-day operations of the line crews at the… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Mandana Baniani

Mandana Baniani joined City Light IT in 2014 as Temporary Senior Quality Assurance Analyst. “When my contract ended, I moved to Asset Data Group, where I learned so much about the importance of data governance and maintaining high-quality asset data for the utility in order to improve reliability, safety, and… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Julianna Ross

Julianna Ross celebrated four years at City Light in August. She’s part of the Environmental, Land & Licensing business unit where she serves as a Senior Community Program Developer. “I was hired to transition the Georgetown Steam Plant into its next chapter. City Light has owned the plant since 1951,… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City (spot)Light: Ryan Simmons

Ryan Simmons joined City Light in 2015 as the fisheries field coordinator for the Boundary Licensing Team and is now a project manager, overseeing several fisheries projects. “My projects are designed to improve conditions for trout and mountain whitefish populations native to the lower Pend Oreille River,” Ryan explained. “We… [ Keep reading ]